Hajj Procedure:

You wear an ihram, the Hajj dress, first, which is different for men and women. You then proceed to Mina, on the outskirts of Makkah, on 8 Dhul Hajj. On the next morning (9th), you move to Arafat, which is a few kilometers from Mina, where you say you Zuhar and Asr prayers together in the shortened form. Thereafter, you pray to God Almighty for everything you want to ask from Him. When the sun sets, you don't say your Maghrib, but proceed towards Muzdalfa, which is between Mina and Arafat. There you say your Maghrib and Isha together. You also collect pebbles there for throwing at Jamraat in the next few days.

The next morning (10) you proceed to Mina where you get your animal slaughtered, get your head shaved off or hair cut, and then change your clothes from Ihram to the normal ones. The same day and in the next two or three days you throw pebbles once a day at the three Jamaraat (monuments representing the presence of Satan).

During these three or four days (10 to 12 or 13), you have to go to Ka'bah once to perform the Tawafe Ziarah. It is optional for you to stay at Mina till 12 Dhul Hajj or extend it till the 13th.That's about all as far as Hajj is considered. It's a matter of either five or six days.